Leipal Baby Bath Toys for Kids Light Up Whale Bath Toys Sprinkler Bathtub Toys for Toddlers (White)

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Automatic Switch Bath Toy. This cute whale bath toy can spray water,spin and light up automatically when the bathtub toy is put into water, When it is taken out of the water, it will automatically stop woring.It comes with an inductive switch that does not require manual operation

Top Positive Review

This is a super cute and fun toy. Our daughter LOVES it. We use it during bath time or when we go outside to play in the kiddy pool. We bought this a couple months ago and I waited to review because of some of the other reviews I saw about issues people had. We replaced the batteries already after two months from the purchase date. Still works great. Whatever pumps the water yes can get flooded. So when you hear the grinding pull it out of the water and let it drain from the bottom and top (flip it over). Then wait until you think all the water is out and put it back into the water and wait to see if it can create a full fountain again. If it can??t keep removing it from the water and letting it drain until the fountain can run as high as it is expected to. This thing has been chucked a lot also and it is quite durable. But we have NOT let her chuck it down the stairs (because we don??t think it??ll survive that).

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The one day it worked it was super cute. The next day, it wouldn’t work. Now it just bobs in the water, unable to light up or sprinkle it’s little fountain. Just a sad little whale that can’t fulfill its life’s destiny. Bummer.
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Customer Questions & Answers

It doesn??t turn off after I??ve take it out of the tub. What gives?.
Answer: Its supposed to but mine sometimes wouldn’t turn off cuz the water would get trapped. I returned this idem

I??m scared this will electrocute one day… how durable and safe is this toy?????
Answer: It runs on batteries so I do not believe there is a risk of shock. I have been using it for a few weeks. It seems pretty durable.

How does this bath toy work?
Answer: You only need to put it in the water after install the batteries. It will automatically spray water and light up. when it leaves the water, it will stops immediately, no manual operation is required.

Is this whale bath toy water resistant?
Answer: Yes,this whale bath toy is water resistant with a thick sealing rubber ring, whice can prevent water from entering the inside of the toy.

I just bought this and it??s not working?
Answer: Sometimes I have to swish it around in the water and sorta dunk it up and down to get it to work. Also I’ve noticed if you already have soap or bubbles in the water it stops it from working.

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