Original Tub Cubby Bath Toy Storage for Baby Bath Toys

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Baby Bath Toy Holder – Keep all of your child’s favorite bathroom toys within reach in a bin, ready for the next bath time adventure. Bath tub Toys not included.

Top Positive Review

I purchased this one after attempting to use a faulty bath toy holder purchased at a box store. My shower is one of those plastic(?) surround deals and the suction cups on the faulty one wouldn’t stick even after tireless scrubbing.

But these guys know what’s up! Their suction cup/hook deals are no joke. When you open the box, there’s the net, an instruction sheet and two hook options: the suction cup guys and some clear sticker ones. You get four of each kind. Having been previously let down with a sub-par product from another company using suction cups, I immediately went with the stickers. I followed the mounting directions and happily report that we have not woken up once to a crashing sound reminiscent of a late night B&E.

Additionally, since there were hanging options I hadn’t utilized, I thought I’d take the suction cup dudes for a whirl and used them to hang the bath seat up in the tub thus regaining crucial floor space in my tiny bathroom.

Another plus is that the pockets along the top of the net are just the right size to hold a shower beer if you have a pocket available and that’s how you live your best life. You could probably also fit one of those little wine boxes in there. I haven’t tried that yet…

Recommend 100%. Would buy again.

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Top Critical Review

I finally had to toss this little guy into the garbage after just a few months. We live in a very wet climate, and despite copious uses of the bathroom fan and a Damp Rid hung on the door, the bathroom never seems to dry out all that well. On top of that, my kids packed this organizer full of toys, which meant it never really dried completely. I took it down yesterday for cleaning and lordy was there some mold. I attempted to wash it with bleach in the washing machine. When that didn’t work, I moved onto a vinegar/water mixture in a bucket, but no luck there, either.

I still give this 3 stars because it holds a lot of toys and maybe you don’t live in a wet climate or maybe your kids won’t stuff it full of toys or you’re willing to empty it frequently and let it dry out. I just wanted something that didn’t need quite so much attention.
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Customer Questions & Answers

what’s the dimension of the bag?
Answer: Hi Binlin365, the Tub Cubby is 14″ x 20″ but it holds a lot more than you think it can. We’ve tried larger versions but found they were too big and took over the entire bath tub. Our toy organizer is just big enough to fit about two dozen toys and the extra pockets are great for soap and shampoo.

Is this machine washable?

Hi Sara, The Tub Cubby is guaranteed for life so you can toss it in your washing machine with out any worries and it should hold up just fine. If you have any issues just contact our customer service and we’ll send a replacement. Have a great day! Kristen – Customer Care – Team Tub Cubby. You can either call Customer S??

How do I delete this from my order?
Answer: Go to your cart and Click Remove.

Does anyone know what brand the hooks are? they are so strong and i love them, but don’t know how to get these on their own.

Hi Maggalicious, Do not worry the Tub Cubby is guaranteed for life and we’re happy to send you free replacement hooks.

All I need is your address please

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