Yookidoo Baby Bath Toy – Spin ‘N’ Sprinkle Water Lab – Spinning Gear and Googly Eyes for Toddler or Baby Bath Time Sensory Development – Attaches to Any Size Tub Wall (1-3 Years)

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A water bath toy activity center that attaches to the tub and generates a double chain reaction of surprising water effects.

Top Positive Review

Super cute. My toddler has been playing with this for months now. Suction power in plastic and tile and glass is great. Little tip to clean it good and prevent mold in forming inside (yikes!). When done, suction it on the wall upside down to drain as much as possible. And when you have time and remember, mix 1:1 ration white vinegar and water. Soak the whole thing in the mixture for 30 minutes. Rinse and drip dry.

Top Critical Review

My daughter and son both love this toy!! The eyes on the toy move when you pour water into the left side and my 1 year old thinks it is the funniest thing. My daughter loves pouring water in and letting the water splash on her body from the middle area. It also comes with a little beaker looking separate that you can use to pour the water in and water also comes out of the bottom. The reason I rated it 3 stars is because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get this thing to stay on your bathtub wall. I have tried wetting the suction cups and keeping the wall dry, wetting the wall and keeping the suction cups dry, everything dry, everything wet and I always manage to get one side to stick and not the other. It is the biggest pain. I usually can get it after 4-5 times but it is still frustrating. Sometimes I don’t even put it in their bath so that I don’t have to deal with trying to attach it for 10 minutes. It is easy to clean, we usually just flush a diluted vinegar solution through it every week to two weeks depending on how much we use it and leave it out to dry.

Customer Questions & Answers

Will this stick to a fiberglass tub? We don??t have tile.
Answer: I don??t know. We have a ??regular ?? tub

Is this dishwasher safe for cleaning?
Answer: I don??t have a dishwasher but I just soak it in vinegar and hot water to clean it

what is this made of?
Answer: Plastic mostly. And the rubber suction cups on the back.

Will this suction to a tile wall?
Answer: as long as the lines in the tile are in the suction cup you should be fine. You can also use this on the side of the tub if need be.

It came with another ??lip??. And can??t figure out where to put it. It won??t fit in top of the google eye part?
Answer: The googly eye part has an opening on top, it is also attached to the round blue part with the yellow spinner. Not attached is the tube with the holes in the bottom… it??s really fun for the kids.

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