Yookidoo Bath Toys (For Toddlers 1-3) – Spin N Sort Spout Pro – 3 Stackable Cups

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Top Positive Review

I was concerned about past reviews that state the toy stops working sometimes within minutes of using it, but I purchased it anyway – it just looked too good to pass up. So before using it, as a preventive measure, when I installed the batteries, I also smeared Aquaphor all along the O-ring that protects the battery compartment (not just around the outside of the compartment, but all along the black rubber ring), with a Q-tip. I then closed the battery compartment, tightened all four screws, and put more Aquaphor around the remaining gap. I’m very happy to report that after nearly a month of enthusiastic daily use (plus being showered on by both parents as we just leave it stuck to the tub), this happy little water machine is still operational. Maybe other machines were duds and we got lucky and got one that works, but in case the Aquaphor is actually creating a waterproof barrier, just wanted to share in case it can help others continue to use this awesome toy. Deducted one star for having to do this and for the company not having actually made the battery compartment waterproof on their own.

Top Critical Review

What could be better? Some quick peace of mind as a mom able to shower briefly while her 3 year old plays in the tub next to the shower in the master bath. Having a toy that pumps water so he can have a running faucet without having the actual tub faucet on, which is a dream come true for someone who previously had to clean up after an overflowing tub and a wild little who insisted he “didn’t have enough water yet.” This toy was the answer to me losing my mind while my husband was away for work and I was desperate for a few moments of not being climbed on or the eye-crossing, mind-numbing experiences that came with loud squeals in my ear… nope… not this mom… we had this awesome spout toy for the tub that I could toss my boy into when it wasn’t nice enough outside to push him out to play with a water table.

In all honesty, I wanted to love this toy much more than I do… I LOVE the idea of this toy much more than my love for the actual toy. It was so much fun to set up for my boy (3), but didn’t take long for the motor to run out. At the time of this review, we had this toy for about 6 months. My son played with it in the tub about every other day until it stopped pumping water right around month 4 (you can hear the pump turn on… just doesn’t actually pump water). Now he just uses the cups to play with other toys… and sometimes flings water out of while in the tub to make me wonder if he found a pet whale… and I randomly find the other sprocket pieces in our laundry – but at least he still has fun with it. He loved it while it worked… I just would have liked to see it work for longer.

Customer Questions & Answers

would this be good for a five year old?
Answer: My grandchildren are 1 1/2 and 3 they both play with it, but more they younger one. I think a five year old would be a bit too old for this.

Is there an on/off for this or is it supposed to constantly run? I just got it, put brand new batteries in & nothing happens. Am I missing something??
Answer: YEs, the on/off is the eyes with the goggles. Push that for on or off! The water intake has to be in the water to operate!

The best to you…. hope it works. Our granddaughter loves it! Let me know if you have any other questions!

Can u get replacement parts? the little red peekaboo cup got confiscated and chewed up by our dog. my son loves this toy. we’ve had it several months
Answer: I would contact the manufacturers. Sometimes they’re willing to do that and sometimes they’re not.

We have a curved tub. Will this still work?
Answer: Yes it works great! powerful suction cups

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