Yookidoo Toddler Bath Toy – Flow N Fill Spout – Three Stackable Play Cups and Water Spray Spout for Kids Bathtime Fun

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A battery-operated unique circulating water pump (CWP) runs an endless stream of water without wasting water from the tap.

Top Positive Review

I almost didn??t purchase this based on reviews indicating a short shelf life. I figured if it would save us from running the bath spout non-stop it was worth a try! My guy (almost 2 years old) loves to play in the running water, so I thought this was an ideal toy.

I purchased this September 7, and it??s now December 13th and we just had to replace the batteries (4 months!!). For context – we use this toy every. Single. Bathtime.

You??ll see in the video I uploaded a couple of things: 1) when you plug the spout it squirts out through the top! We just figured this out and my guy loves it! 2) the squirting part doesn??t have much pressure behind it. This is because we replaced the batteries shortly after – now it SPRAYS out the top when you plug the spout.

Unlike some other reviewers, we have NOT been gentle with this toy. It has been fully submerged on several occasions and still runs without issue. We are incredibly happy with this toy. It would make for a great Christmas gift or birthday gift for a one year old.

Top Critical Review

My son absolutely loves this toy. He is OBSESSED. We’ve used it for three baths now with little issue.

2 stars have been docked because the little orange guy, which is supposed to be a hollow piece, is not watertight. I noticed this evening during bath time that some water as seeped through the “seam” at the top and is now inside. Obviously, this is just asking for mold. If I can, I’m going to pop it open and dry it completely and then glue shut with a waterproof adhesive. If I can’t, I’ll just toss it. I will update if I have success or not.


So we’ve had this toy for 8 months and it’s completely stopped working. I’ve replaced the batteries twice just to be sure, and it just won’t turn on. It was great while it lasted. Also, I wasn’t able to pop open the orange piece, so that got tossed.

Customer Questions & Answers

How do you get filter out to clean it? I unscrewed it but don??t see where it might come out?
Answer: I don’t think you can take it out.

I just rinsed it.

I need replacement suction cups one of my is a bit inverted and I haven’t had it that long – it doesn’t stay straight up very well anymore
Answer: Unfortunately we no longer distribute this item, you may want to try their customer service dept at cs@okiedog.com

can the cups be bought separately? Have the toy but lost some of the cups
Answer: I dont believe so. The website just has the products like the one you bought or other additions.

Are batteries included?
Answer: No, batteries are not included.

I can??t get the motor running unless I take the cover off and prime it under water. Any one else having this issue?
Answer: Hm. We don??t Have this problem and we??ve had it for over a year now. As long as the bottom blue piece is submerged, we just press the button and it??s fine.

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